NY Trilogy

I've just finished reading the third book of New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. Wow, my mind is a bit blurred at the end, thinking what ?, who? and trying to tie the stories together. It was an exciting read though, one gets the urge to go back to the first and second stories once more to do the combinations over again. I've read a review on Shvoong , saying that the book (or in my case 3 separate books) remindes us of M.C. Escher’s infinite staircase works ,which I love by the way. I totally agree with this evaluation . Found this back and front book covers from a 1990 print of Penguin's Classic Deluxe Series via Ihavegoodbooks . I loved the composition of them and their contribution to the story. If you like to have one of your own you can find it on BetterWorldBooks which has international shipping . Last but not least , I would like to add a piece from Escher to give you a hint of what you're about to read. =)


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