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Happy New Year!


Lovely wonderland!

O la la!

I-heart-recycling !

It's officially winter...feat. Kar's!


Wow! Sweet 30's!

With great sarrow and longing..

Now, that's nice !

A beautiful viewfinder

For an easy sunday morning..

Not brave enough for/but always envy...

Color block

When time stood still..

Easy coffee chats

Rabbit's hole

Roses are red and..

Up-cycle by Gülnur Özdağlar__tertium non data

Wish to see..Navagio Beach

Wish to see..Cinque Terre

Dreamer! =)


All about shades

Looks like early blogging..

From Foça ,again...the colors

Iyi Haftalar ! Happy Monday's [is there a such thing? =) ]


3D Stickers

For Fashionistas!

Last man standing.. Tony Bennett

Cup of tea...

Not designed, but touched wisely

Rainy summer mood

Been a while now..

Guys! Take a look at this!