30 Rocks!...Eventually

Today's my 30th birthday!(17.03.2010) It had arrived finally and I have nothing to do about it but to enjoy.
And I will enjoy it, when I realise that my lifestyle only depends on my free will,that my friends will always be there to cheer me up and when I remind myself how hard it was to be young anyway! This enlightenment will take 8 hours of sleep time tonight =) I'm a quick learner.
See how cute was my Ikea B-day cake! It was a frozen-cranberry cake and delicious beyond my expectations. I decorated it with mini flags and heart, like I've seen on one of the post of my reads(but just couldn't find the exact post). It looked super-cute.

30. yaşgünümü biraz depresif karşıladığımı biliyorum, ne de olsa 20ler bitti.Başka bir döneme adım atıyorum.Ama yanımda sevdiklerim oldukça zamansız hissediyorum. Bugün fikren benimle olan herkese ve 30da önemli hissetmemi isteyen/sağlayan Başağım'a teşekkürler,öpücükler.Sizi seviyorum!=)


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