Happy Weekends

Hi everyone,
These will be my last posts for a while, until I come back from my business trip to be exact.
For my fashionista-ish posts I should say I'm inspired by my upcoming trip to Italy!
I know that this will be a job thing with all of my collegues and bosses as well, but shamelessly I'm thrilled with the thought of Italy in springtime! We'll be mainly in Parma and briefly visit Milano and I will enjoy every minute of my spare time. Actually I was there (in between beautiful Venice-Florence-Milano triangle) exactly a year ago for the Salone del Mobili and that was one of the loveliest weeks of my life and I was lucky enough to share it with my beloved friends, too.
This year it will be a reminiscence of those happy days with new sights to see and new flavors to taste. I'll be back with nice pics hopefully, to share with you.
Have a lovely weekend!

Italya'ya geçen sene çok tatlı bir grupla gitmiş ve gördüklerimden de çok etkilenmiştim. Bu seneki vesilem daha resmi ve iş öncelikli olsa da orada bulunacak olma hissi yine de içimi kıpır kıpır ediyor. Gördüklerimi güzel karelere kaydedip sizinle paylaşmayı çok istiyorum.
Öz ve Ayci, sizi de düşüncelerimde yanımda taşıyorum. Y


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