Love is in the air..once again

Even though I have nothing to say about the upcoming tomorrow(if you know what I mean!) , still I wish all the best for the lovebirds around!
And for this "love"ly weekend I wanted to share my favorite photographer of all times with you; Mr. Elliot Erwitt. Being a member of the big Magnum Photos Agency, he has several sets of pics which all are emphesising people; lives, relations, emotions of people and even friends of people like in his Dogs collection. His way of underlining details hit me with this beautiful pic above first,several years ago when I was in college. There was an exibition of his works in Istanbul, so I had the chance to attend. It was about couples and I've fell in love with his works. Ever since, I look through his sets and amazed all over again. After the exibition I came accross a casette tape(I hope you didn't forget what it is yet!)with this very picture on the cover, an album of Fairground Attraction; The First of a Million Kisses.It has their hit songs like Perfect and Find My Love. That link of the picture to the album made them unforgettable for me. Here is a bit for you, for an evening's relaxation and joy.


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