Last man standing.. Tony Bennett

Two weeks ago there was a concert on the open-air theater which I had the chance to attend. It was a Tony Bennett concert ( or as they called it The Tony Bennett Show ) !
I was very excited about catching this show because I think this was a big privilege, to share the time with a legendary man as he is.
I myself, am very into retro as you may have noticed. And not only designwise, but culturalwise also. I love the lifestyles, the fashion, the music, the cars, the architecture and may be I'll be a little cruel here but in my opinion (and most of my colleagues think that way) the era of design was back than , the 20's 30's -50's 60's ,and everything is solved and thougth neatly back then and what we do now is differentiating those images by the help of technology. Wow I can feel the bullets!=)
Anyway long-cut-short, I love the kind of music that they call the Great American Songbook which consists of musical teather musics and mostly jazz music. And I listen to the most popular of that era singers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sherley Bessy, Nina Simone and Tony Bennett. So you can see why I was so excited about seeing him on stage at the age of 85 , still with a great voice and style. He is perhaps the last man standing from that era which started around 20's and 30's and I enjoyed the concert like I was listening to all those names at once. You should see his stage attitude to see the difference between a singing man and a singing gentleman. He still got that ecole of politeness and careing towards the audiance and I'm glad to get a chance to see a glipse of that.

[pics via: a friend of mine,from the very concert]


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