It's officially winter...feat. Kar's!

Hi dear all!

It's the 1st of December and it's officially winter now. I came accross a post about the Kar's Hotel in Turkey on Escapade's page. I've remember how I love that hotel even though I've never visited but read a lot about. So I wanted to repost it as an opening post to the hopefully beautiful winter that's ahead of us.
I may add a small insight to the subject of KAR'S probably. Kar's is located in the city of KARS which is on the Eastern edge of Anatolia. Eastern Anatolia has long snowy winters. In Turkish the word KAR means SNOW. So you can see the word trick there in the name of KAR'S; it consists of all kinds of meanings embracing the location. I love that name. And I love that it's been kept as boutique as it is; a big mension of old times.

Hopefully someday.. =)

[via: escapade ]


  1. ayagımın altında,sesi cıkan kar..iklimler filmi..
    ve sıcak bi çay..evet bu kez çay (:


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